• Use your smartphone as a vehicle's black box

    No need to invest your money in expensive telematics equipment. Your smartphone together with a cheap OBD2 adapter is enough to literally install a black box within your vehicle.

  • A modern approach to vehicle’s telematics

  • Browse and analyze your driving statistics online

    With our web application you can check your journey history and analyze your driving performance together with vehicle’s exploitation statistics.

What is Ecu Drive?

Cloud-powered telematics system

EcuDrive is designed to gather information from various vehicle’s sub-systems through the OBD2 protocol and utilizes a smartphone device to transmit those data (together with a complementary GPS position) to the computing cloud (in which the subsequent analysis takes place). It also displays the most important parameters to the user in order to improve their driving economics.

How does it work?

Hardware requirements


EcuDrive can be applied in every OBD2 compatible vehicle. In 1996 (United States) and in 2001 (European Union) all of the automotive vendors were inclined to sell vehicles equipped with OBD2 interface system (or equivalent).

Bluetooth enabled OBD2 adapter

EcuDrive is compatible with almost every OBD2 adapter which implements Bluetooth communication protocol.


We currently support Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system (more platform will be available in 2014 Q3 & Q4). It’s recommended that your device is equipped with 1GB of RAM (or more).


Here's how our mobile application looks

user interface

dashboard screen

Landscape mode

Web Application Screenshots

Here you can see how our web application looks

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